Solutions Focus Group Meeting:  Friday 10/17/14 at 6:45pm @ CFS

If any athlete would like to express any feedback or any new athletes (Newbies) were unaware of and want to become part of the CFS Solutions Focus Group, we have the group in order to create a face to face suggestion box for the CFS box.
We will continue to accept up to 15 Athletes willing to be a representative for people to voice ideas and suggestions to.
The ideas and suggestions can occur face to face, phone calls, emails or texts, whichever the representative is willing to make available.
We will meet as approximately quarterly depending upon needs and events at CFS.Meetings can also be virtually ongoing whenever a representative feels the need to express ideas immediately to John, Glenn, Elizabeth or Linda


Andy Bennett
Audrey Bennett
Stacey Brown
Kristina Burkey
Meghan Chase
Steven Collins
Deb Hawkins
Samantha Lampron
Ann Merry
Nancy Purpura
Christopher Sanosi
Charlie Siegal
Ashley Sutton
Debra Termine


Paleo Freezer Meal Workshop:  Sunday 10/19/14 at 3:00pm @ CFS

Details:   CFS Freezer Meal Workshop





CrossFit Synergistics Paleo Challenge: To sign up CLICK HERE

The Challenge will run from October 1st to October 30th, 2014 (30 days)


CFS Paleo Challenge details:  Click here

CFS Paleo Challenge Rules:  Click here

When is the challenge? 

If you are not sure that the challenge is right for you, then come to the informational session on September 22nd 6:45pm to 7:45pm to learn more. Everyone is encouraged to attend.


JumpNrope Double Under Jump Rope Training: 10-18-14 Saturday 2:30-4:30 pm 


Details and Registration: Click Here




DATE: Saturday, November 15th

CrossFit Synergistics is hosting an Invitational Team Throwdown (2 males & 1 Female).  This is a team event that offers a great blend of competition and fun. Whether you are an experienced CrossFitter or interested in competing in your first Throwdown, we believe you will be challenged and have fun.

REGISTER to compete: click here

DEADLINE TO REGISTER: Monday, November 3rd

JUDGE’S MEETING: Friday, November 14th 7:30pm – 8:30pm.

Volunteers and Judges Registration click here 


Judges will be paid $20 if they stay the entire day and get a free t-shirt and a free lunch the day of the event.


CFS hosts Christmas Throwdown (Individuals RX scaled & Masters)

To benefit Toys for Tots:

12-6-14 Saturday

Register: Click Here

Judge /Volunteer: Click Here

RX: Men / Women

Scaled Men/Women

Masters Men/Women  (multiple divisions (40-44), (45-49), (50-54), (55-59), (60+) Just sign up for 40 over and divisions will be arranged.