“CrossFit is too expensive”

“CrossFit is too expensive I can’t afford it”.  Really? Bluntly you can’t afford not to CrossFit.  Before you spend money on anything you process if it is of need and value to you. In this case your health or your performance, motivation and fun for fitness is lacking.  Lets face the facts there are good and bad everything.  There are bad little league and gymnastic coaches. Does that mean you never let your child try out for a team? Of course not! There are good CrossFit coaches who are certified and experienced and understand the physical and mental aspects of obtaining health and maintaining safety.  Good coaches can even fend off the ego’s that cause over training and injury. This makes CrossFit well worth it and cheaper than one on one personal training and a whole lot cheaper than being unhealthy.

For those who chime the injury claim in CrossFit, here are some thoughts; I just spoke with a visiting athlete who is recovering from a rotator cuff surgery from “Body Pump”.  All endeavors risk injury and reap it with poor technique.  Do all the blown out ankles and hamstrings from basketball leagues send a fury of bloggers bashing basketball? No! Why? Because basketball is not viewed as extreme, difficult and threatening to the ego with the possibility of “I can’t” do this. Or maybe it is, and you avoid basketball.

In any activity if a coach pushes you beyond your goals then you would avoid that coach. Yet being pushed out of your comfort zone and a little falling on your face and picking yourself back up can make you smarter and stronger, it is why your parents stopped fixing all your problems.  I do not want to spend energy getting into what the bad CrossFit looks like it is all over the web. We like to focus on what is good and what you can achieve.

I presume you are not prejudice and define any group based on one persons bad behavior nor should an athlete define a sport on one coach who molests his players.  Step into CrossFit Synergistics and see if there is value in it for you.  I propose this analogy; the economy, investments, and employment experienced difficult times.  CrossFit is difficult. When getting my ego handed to me while doing the a workout like  “Eva” or attempting heavy front squats and getting a bit queasy, much the same feelings are elicited after reading investment statement in this economy, so is the advice in overcoming them. My advisor and coach say, “Continue investing” and “Keep chipping away at reps”.  You don’t quit because it is tough, you don’t yank all your money out in fear. If you claim you performed the workout as prescribed (RX’d) you hold the standards and get your chin to the bar, just like you claim your millions if you invest 10% of your income, or get the hug when you spend quality time with your kids.  When you can’t you scale it down and do ½ “Eva” so you get a benefit but not get hurt similar or invest enough to prepare for your future and not too much you can’t enjoy the present and get prioritize your work load so you see your child’s performance.

I began with the intention to address the cost of CrossFit. You may have encountered people on the outside of the CrossFit community questioning and often challenging the cost.  If the message here has not begun to resonate then fasten your seatbelt.  This is group style personal training not a slide your card, don’t grunt, Globo gym.  We embrace the challenges of health together to make us stronger and better at life. We do not stay introverted with our headphones and television.  The philosophical response is, “pay now or pay later”.  This is meant on a health care level. Pay your monthly CrossFit membership and show up or pay many times that for medical treatment down the road. Understand the monthly cost for insurance is so high because in 2012, 21% of Mass residents were obese.  Here’s a challenge when you do your taxes this year, calculate the cost of co- pays, prescriptions, over the counter medications, sleep aids, pain killers, stimulants, yes, including the daily $4 spent at Starbucks because you need caffeine as a stimulant rather than your natural adrenal gland to start your day, and yes, the smokers who just can’t quit, Add all the receipts up! Now ask yourself if someone can’t afford CrossFit? As stated previously, the blunt truth is you can’t afford not to CrossFit.

Those who go to Planet Globo Gym for $10 bucks a month are saving money so they can get free pizza and donuts at the gym. How ironic that is.  CrossFit has nutrition potluck dinners and your workout provides good coaches checking your form, encouraging safe intensity and congratulating you with a high five, or a hug if you want it, when you finish the workout?

Recently a fellow teacher came to me for fitness advice because of a gain of 20lbs over the summer.  He knows about CrossFit but claims it is too expensive.  As I climbed down from a rock wall I was told to be careful. I facetiously stated my wife would be 500K richer if I fell because we have good life insurance.  He told me he just signed up for 20 years for 500 k for over $150 per month.  I was shocked and inquired if he was sure because I pay $22.44 per month for the same coverage.  He explained he had a complete physical including blood pressure and body fat, which were not so good, and he drinks and smokes.  I suggested considering this? You drop your insurance for 6 months, cross your fingers you don’t croak and start CrossFit for 6 months unlimited, not two times a week and expect elite results.  Then get a physical and re-apply for your life insurance at $22 per month. Now you practically pay for your membership, especially if you drop the beer and cigs.  That is called a “No brainer” but only if you feel the need and see the value.

As a child I was obsessed with the tool of a bullfighter called banderillas (short barbed sticks). I could only comprehend that the purpose of a bullfight (gone bad) was to kill a bull.  Intellectually I now understand the Matador seeks to elicit inspiration and art from their work and an emotional connection with the crowd transmitted through the bull. But can I say I understand what it is like to be a Matador? Of course not! Therefore, how can I judge how dangerous it is or cruel it is until I understand the pay off by experiencing it?  I can’t!  Neither can the layperson understand CrossFit.  I call it the “Rat in the maze” of life and fitness.  The rat goes to bed too late, gets poor quality sleep due to poor nutrition, overstressed and no stress management techniques of moving the body and mind into connection.  An honest person can proclaim he or she is too afraid to fight the bull but if he or she is bored and thirsty for a life changing epiphany they can run with the bulls and step into a CrossFit workout (WOD).

My point is clear to those who have mud on their face from being in the arena but the point is challenging for those in the bleachers watching CrossFit with excuses for why they can’t.  Most people live outside the arena judging it. The minority is marred with dirt and understands both intellectually and emotionally the reward is fulfilling and addicting and good for us, a rare combination that is better than most addictions. CrossFit is not expensive, your addictions and excuses are.  Pay now or pay later. The reality is those who remain in their comfort zone due to fear can claim to understand or discount CrossFit intellectually. The reality is you can’t understand it emotionally until you step into the arena and wave the Matador’s cape.


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