Private Training

CrossFit Synergistics is home to some of the finest trainers.  Whether you’re looking for a few sessions to work on a particular skill or challenge such as pull-ups, olympic lifts, running technique, or a longer term goal such as a race or competition, we have you covered.  Our coaches have a variety of certifications to work on particular areas in which they have specific expertise. Please call 508 202 9922 or e-mail for more information on any of these packages.

  • Nutrition for Athletes
  • Adventure Race Preparation
  • Running Technique
  • CrossFit Competition Training
  • Kettlebell Skills
  • Gymnastics Skills
  • Mobility
  • Olympic Weightlifting
  • Power lifting
  • Rowing Technique
  • Striking/ Self Defense
  • Marathon Preparation

Cost:  Inquire at 508 202 9922.  Click here for Coaches page.