CrossFit Adult WODS: Click here
CrossFit Synergistics is home to some of the finest trainers. Our classes are constantly varied with CrossFit skills.  You begin all classes with a Functional Warm-Up, then we coach you through the Skill Practice and New Movements.  The heart of the workout will include Strength Training and High Intensity Metabolic Conditioning, followed by Cool Down and Stretching.  Our coaching will keep you safe and motivated. Check out What is CrossFit?


BOOTCAMP: Click here 
Synergistics Boot Camp has taken our experience with results oriented, functional fitness and developed a program made for people who are interested in high-intensity, functional, effective workouts that are less-intimidating but equally effective by creating fun, community based group class for people who are excited about getting results and getting them fast!. The program is similar to CrossFit but without the heavy lifting.  The workouts incorporate bodyweight movements, battling ropes, medicine balls, pull-up bars, boxes, kettle bells, sandbags and more.

No experience or foundations class is needed for this program.

If you are a current Synergistics athlete you are welcome to join the boot camp classes as part of your CrossFit membership.


Kids & Teens  Click here combines gymnastics, body weight calisthenics, and weightlifting elements to develop capacity across ten general physical skills.  Additional elements that encourage bone density development, cross body movements and exercises that involve the vestibular system are also incorporated.  The elements are combined to keep children engaged and entertained, while teaching them proper movement technique and creating a broad athletic foundation. Nutrition is also discussed as the basis of athletic performance and health within a supportive community.  Classes include a warmup, skill work, a workout, and an exercise intensive game.


Childcare:  click here  Childcare at CFS is for children ages 6 months – 7 years old. You may drop your child(ren) off 10 minutes before the start of a class and pick them up 5 minutes after the class ends for a total of 1 hour 15 minutes.


Yoga & Mobility: click here
The benefits of doing yoga in combination with CrossFit include: flexibility, balance, alignment, peace of mind, agility, injury prevention, respiration, breath and body awareness.


Teams Training:
Looking to bring your athletic team to the next level? Our team training regimens are intense for one purpose: to prepare you and your teammates to be the strongest and best conditioned players you can be. Get a group of 10 or more athletes together and contact us to arrange a team wod.


Nutrition Consultation:
Educating yourself or a team how and when to properly fuel your body is the most important thing to your wellness and athletic goals.  Please contact us to discuss your goals.
CFS Nutrition page
Whole 9 Nutrition


Private Training:
Click here for Private Training Page Whether you’re looking for a few sessions to work on a particular skill or challenge such as pull-ups, olympic lifts, running technique, or a longer term goal such as a race or competition, we have you covered.  Our coaches have a variety of certifications to work on particular areas in which they have specific expertise. Please call 508 202 9922 or e-mail for more information on any of these options.

  • Nutrition for Athletes
  • Adventure Race Preparation
  • Running Technique
  • CrossFit Competition Training
  • Kettlebell Skills
  • Gymnastics Skills
  • Mobility
  • Olympic Weightlifting
  • Power lifting
  • Rowing Technique
  • Striking/ Self Defense
  • Marathon Preparation


Open Box:

Times are scheduled and occasionally posted by coaches in order for athletes to work on specific goals, skills or workouts.


Olympic Weightlifting:

Our Olympic Weightlifting classes focuses on the three contested Olympic lifts: the snatch, the clean and the jerk. We place a strong emphasis on Olympic Weightlifting in our regular programming due to the sport’s unique ability to develop an athlete’s explosive power, control of external objects, and mastery of critical motor recruitment patterns. Even mainstream fitness magazines are starting to acknowledge that full-body weightlifting is the preferred way to get in fit. We will have additional classes added into the regular schedule specifically for Olympic weightlifting.



Integration of the strongman movement/energy system into the constantly varied CrossfFit model is invaluable.  By that — we mean bringing  Old School Movements together with New School Programming. 

The typical Strongman event consists of 5 workouts in one day.  Each workout is less than 60 seconds so these athletes never tap into anything but the ATP/CP system.  What would happen if you trained yourself to have that kind of output during a longer workout?  For example, a 7 minute AMRAP of farmer’s carry with mixed gymnastics.  This is a perfect expression of Old School Movements mixed with New School programming and the results are staggering.

This is the  best, and most fun way we know of, to favor strength while still increasing work capacity across broad time and modal domains.  THIS IS KEY!  In CrossFit, we want a stimulus that is constantly varied so that we never stop progressing in our fitness.  That’s true whether it’s a Games hopeful or someone who’s looking to get fit after a lifetime of being sedentary.  Strongman movements provide a playground where athletes can test their brute strength while improving their conditioning.

Due to the often awkward size/shape/consistency of the objects we use in strongman the lifts become very inefficient.   Take, for instance, a water-filled keg –a dynamic load that represents a challenge to the neuro-muscular system that a barbell cannot compete with.  As athletes, we  need to develop efficient movement patterns with inefficient loads.  That response is at the heart of being a great athlete.  Athletes are presented with a constantly changing field of play.  The better athlete makes quicker adjustments and responds favorably to unfavorable stimuli.

Why do CrossFit and Strongman together?

Large loads, long distance, quickly.  That remark is drilled into the mind of anyone who’s ever attended a CrossFit Level 1 certification.  There is no better expression of that than moving a yoke that is 3x BWT across a football field in 30 seconds.  Or carrying 1.25x BWT in EACH HAND the same distance in less than 30 seconds.  How about Flipping a 700 pound tire for max reps in 60 seconds? Large Loads, Long Distance, Quickly.  That is why we do strongman.

We do Strongman because it increases max efforts.  The only way to improve your one rep max is to lift heavy in that domain.  What strongman does is focus on max effort lifts using non-barbell weights for max exertion in the 30-90 sec range.   This will improve and strengthen your work output in the glycolytic and ATP pathways.  As the lifter becomes more efficient in these movements and max weight increases, the transference of power to objects (barbells) that can be sustained in closer proximity to the midline while being able to maintain a better mechanical advantage (set up positions etc.) will lead to heavier loads lifted.  Take an athlete that can lift a stone 1.5  times his body weight and can carry a yoke 4x his body weight and see what their deadliest and back squats are compared to someone that can not stone their body weight or yoke carry more than 2x.  Sure there is skill that is involved in these movements, but the bottom line is the body’s ability to brace and load under these huge weights with less than inefficient technique (picture of a deadliest and a stone lift) increases strength.

Our belief is that if you use as your home base, and you supplement with our CrossFit and Strongman prescription, you will absolutely improve you maxes in everything from the power lifts, to the Olyimpic lifts, to the gymnastic movements (pull-ups, muscle ups, HSPU).

Midline stability is paramount to being a decent CrossFitter. The Yoke is king when it comes to training the midline.   The word yoke refers to the area of the body around the rear delts and lower traps. This is where the weight bearing occurs during a yoke carry. You will not find another implement that can load and apply force through the axial skeleton more than the yoke.   A 400lb male back squatter can typically carry a 600-700lb yoke.  The skeleton operates at it’s strongest through neutral joint positions. The yoke requires very little flexion or extension of at any joints. You are merely performing  a very hard isometric hold at the core while allowing your feet to move in quick little steps underneath you. It is an unbelievable tool when it comes to bracing the spine. The opportunity to load that skeleton with that much weight is a huge stimulus for core strength, which is the limiting factor for most lifts ie. People that can leg press 800 lbs and back squat 225lb. The weak link is always the core. The lower body can produce far more force than the axial skeleton can translate. The body will only produce as much force as can safely be translated. It is part of our brain’s involuntary survival mechanism. Training this weak link has transferability to all activities of power.  By firing up and getting a huge motor unit recruitment around the core, you can develop the kinesthetic awareness to engage the bracing during more dynamic movements of lesser load.

Consider these OTHER reasons…

• CrossFit Strongman increases real world strength (not everything is to Increase athleticism  — we need the ability to adjust and adapt to changing surroundings on the field).

• Increase posterior chain development.  All these things are a necessity to someone striving to become a decent CrossFitter.

• CrossFit and Strongman Programming TOGETHER Provides CrossFitters with a variety of different stimuli.  All of those stimuli are aimed at achieving an increase in work capacity which translates to an increase in your CrossFit ability.

• Excellent way to simultaneously integrate metabolic conditioning and strength training.

Credit: Rob Orlando Hybrid Athletics


CrossFit Striking WODS: 
We have exposed athletes to the challenges of striking and the rotational benefits in fitness. We have striking wods within our programming. “CrossFit Striking,” what it IS and what it is NOT.  First, you will NOT get hit, there is no sparring.  Secondly, all athletes are welcome.  “Crosssfit Striking” is a specialty class approved by CrossFit.  It fits the CrossFit protocol of Constantly Varied, Functional Movement, and High Intensity.  Why was it created?  MMA fighters, Boxers, wrestlers etc. are regarded as among the most fit athletes in the world.  For years, they have been mixing striking with CrossFit wods.  The two workouts together are amazing and fun.  “Fight Gone Bad” was personally made up for UFC Champion BJ Penn.  George Ryan, (LA SWAT and Black Belt Hall of Fame) the creator of “CrossFit Striking” now wants to bring these amazing workouts to your average Crossfitter who has NO striking experience and for those that do.  THIS IS NOT A MARTIAL ARTS CLASS.  It is basic instruction on how to throw a correct punch, kick, knee and elbow strike with maximum power/velocity and reducing risk of injury.  Starting with the basics and then striking combinations (jab, straight, hooks, uppercuts, knees and elbows). Once these fundamentals are grasped, we add these strikes into your typical CrossFit WOD.  You are getting an amazing workout while learning a functional movement that will raise your confidence and increase the ability to protect yourself.