About CFS

Yes to CrossFit

D’Avanzo & Badaracco Families

CrossFit Synergistics was founded in March of 2011 and is owned and operate by John Badaracco and Glenn D’Avanzo.  We provide an environment that breeds success.  Both John and Glenn have been involved in coaching and personal training for over 26 years.  The discovery of CrossFit and complete dedication to the training methodology has made an impact in their lives that cannot compare to anything they have ever known.  John and Glenn have decreased body fat % while gaining strength and muscle.  John has incorporated the training techniques into the fitness program at Frozen Ropes, a baseball and softball training facility that he co-owns in Natick.  Glenn quickly introduced CrossFit to the students at Holliston High School where he teaches Wellness.  The fantastic results lead to the CrossFit Public Affiliate, Mudville CrossFit.

Their passion for fitness, matched with belief in the law of reciprocation, and the power of an authentic audience in a group fitness setting lead to the creation of CrossFit Synergistcs. We are a school of human movement dedicated to helping individuals achieve an elite level of physical performance.  We are a strength and conditioning program utilizing olympic and power lifts, gymnastics, and metabolic conditioning in constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. CrossFit is designed to help all people regain a comprehensive level of functional fitness.  At CrossFit Synergistcs you will find a challenging, fun, goal-oriented program coached in an authentic CrossFit facility.

Our facility was designed with true fitness in mind.  We are not an over-crowded gym overpacked with rows of useless equipment designed, not for fitness, but to house as many bodies as possible to increase gym revenue. At CrossFit Synergistics, we actually care if you get fit and we measure your fitness daily by virtue of the times/scores of your workouts. Ask your current gym if they do this and if they can give you a solid definition of what fitness is.

Why Are We Different

At CrossFit Synergistcs, you will find a group of dedicated individuals working together toward a common goal. Imagine a place that you love to go to everyday and everyone knows your name and the people here will become your friends and extended family. A place that pushes your mental and physical capacity to make you better in life.   A place where you will come to depend on the support of those friends to help you through tough workouts, and you, in return, will support them. A place where your children build strength and character.  Imagine a place that truly cares about your well being. Imagine an escape from the everyday grind where you are trained to be physically, mentally and emotionally ready for anything. This is CrossFit Synergistics.  We believe there is an athlete in every human being.  CrossFit has become known as “The Sport of Fitness” because it combines personal triumph with group support.  Therefore, all who train with us are athletes! This philosophy combined with our 46 years of fitness and coaching experience has changed our view of what fitness is and how to achieve it, bluntly, because it works by effectively combining and unraveling the distinction between strength training and cardio.  Inside our box we will challenge you to set and work toward goals and coach you to go outside your comfort zone with a new intensity, yet maintain balance and safety by communicating with you about your physical challenges.  Our group workouts foster camaraderie and community that goes beyond the walls of our gym.  We believe our methodology to fitness is how true change and motivation become everlasting.  You work intensely, and can use chalk while you weightlift, not to mention flip tires, climb walls, swing kettlebells, sprint the streets, throw ropes… and a ton of fun stuff! This is an authentic CrossFit experience.  Our goal is to achieve an elite level of fitness, and the tools we use are hard work and determination.  This program is suitable for stay-at-home moms and grandmothers as well as elite level athletes, military, fire and police.  We scale the exercises; we don’t change the program.  All you need is desire and effort, we will supply the coaching!