From The Members Julie W

US Army PT Test: As many push ups in 2 minutes, as many sit ups in 2 minutes and a 2 mile run. Scored based on age and sex.

Push Ups: 40 for 100 points
Sit ups:77 for 100 points
run: 16:45 for 100 points
Total: 300 points – MAX

First time maxing my PT test in my near 18 year career. Crossfit and my new age category helped quite a bit!

It was FREEZING this morning for this. brrrr.

I’ll be glad to get back to some WODs this week. Bummed I missed some fun programming last week. I took a light week to save it for this test.

10 thoughts on “From The Members Julie W

  1. Thanks Ladies and to the coaches for posting this. It is definitely an accomplishment I am proud of. Many have asked about the PT standards. Here is a link to the charts by age and sex: (Reps and time are along the left side of the table, the numbers in the middle are the score).

    60 points is passing per event. 100 points is the best you can do. There is such thing as an extended scale, but it doesn’t count for anything (really). Max is max. During the 2 minutes of push ups, you cannot go to your knees and shake out the arms. You can put your butt in the air, or sag in the middle, but not to an extent that your weight shifts too much to the legs. During the sit ups, you can only rest in the up position. Someone holds your feet. Hands interlocked behind the head and you go down to the bottom of your shoulder blades and then sit all the way up. The run is the run….


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