February Newsletter

February 2013 Newsletter:


This month we start with a Paleo Potluck.

Saturday March 2nd at 5:30 pm. Bring your friends and family and a favorite recipe.

Everyone knows we also starts every month with the goal board revisited. Set your short term GOALS with your long term GOALS in mind.



  • Coach Emily- 1st Muscle Up
  • Erica C & Kristen W 1st rope climb
  • Kate A gets Pull ups
  • Gary Pr’d on pull ups
  • Coach Matt Snatched 185
  • Zack interns and Benched pr 185, and got 5 consecutive muscle ups.

goals Feb













BRING A FRIEND: The 1st Saturday of every month is Bring A Friend Day. Please make a note that FREE CLASS is available for potential athletes during any of our WODS by signing up on line(except for 5:30 am/ pm and Sat at 9:30 am).  So bring any of your friends to ANY WOD!  Our coaches will scale it accordingly.

FESTIVUS: Sign up now!


Please go to post and let us know if you plan to go as athlete or even to support. https://crossfitsynergistics.com/2013/01/29/festivus/

I have set up a room block at Courtyard by Marriott Hartford-Farmington,

1583 Southeast Road Farmington, CT 06032, Phone (860) 521-7100.

For those who do not know of this event, CFS brought several members to compete in November of our first year. This is a novice and intermediate competition. It was a blast for all who competed and supported. We stayed overnight in a hotel and went out to dinner. The outline for what level you are is on the site.

Here is a link to the video from the last Festivus https://crossfitsynergistics.com/2011/11/20/cfs-festivus/ 

Please contact Glenn@cfsyn.com for any questions or concerns.

We would love to have a ton of athletes and it fills SUPER FAST so do not hesitate. 



Keeping data is so important to your development and success as an athlete who seeks health. You MUST use a tool that works for you. We sell logbooks at CFS, you may use an app on your phone, but do not tell a coach it is in your head. We now have ZEN Planner to track and access every wod we do at CFS. You must log in to the wod at CFS then you can log in to ZEN post wod from a computer or smart phone and not only post your data but also to our VIRTUAL LEADER BOARD. We will post directions soon if you can not figure it out. You simply need your ZEN login and password.

FOODIE CAFÉ: 30 NEW PRODUCTS  http://www.foodieproject.org is in our “NUTRITIN” drop down menu. If you are overwhelmed and too busy to cook and make healthy meals then order from Foodie Café. You can order and cook your own or get complete meals.  If you do the math you will save time and money. You are getting top quality grass fed beef and you don’t have to prepare, cook or clean.  So no excuses that there is poor food choices at work or at your kids events. Bring your own meal and watch your strength, energy and wod scores improve.


The original sweatshirts are almost gone.  We have plenty of new men’s and women’s T-shirts, SFH protein and fish oil, logbooks, as well as Steve’s Paleo Jerky kits for meals on the run.

The PR/RX Bell:  If you ring the PR bell or reach a goal you want to share please tell a coach or email Glenn@cfsyn.com

“If you have a passion for winning (winning the game, winning the sale, winning a partner, all forms of winning) then you will have a passion for working.  Work ethic is the great equalizer.  Persistent, smart, hard work will conquer any opponent, and most importantly it is the surest path to healthy pride.”

*Greg Werner {Strength Coach}




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