WOD 3-3-13 Sunday

Happy Birthday Dave Vitti!


  • 500m row
  • 30 Body weight bench press
  • 1000m row
  • 20 Body weight Bench press
  • 2000m row
  • 10 Body weight bench press

Scale bench press load as needed.

This will be done in 2 heats. 20 minute cap per heat!!!  Every athlete must have a spotter while doing the bench press


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12 thoughts on “WOD 3-3-13 Sunday

  1. Divia
    175# DNF 500,1000,1600

    This was a killer. When I asked for bench I didn’t think Frozen would make it 60reps and 3500m! Crazy WOD but a lot fun. Thanks for all the birthday wishes and for everyone coming out at the 9:30 to embrace the pain with me. I’m def feeling 36 after that WOD!


  2. Partner Chipper

    10 muscle ups
    20 hspu
    30 snatches #135
    40 toes 2 bar
    50 box jump burpees
    60 sdhp #95
    70 oh squats #95
    80 wall balls
    90 abmat sit ups
    100 double unders

    Did this with Mitch, great feeding of eachother an both able to work on some goats!

    Snatch- #115
    Hspu- 1 abmat (I’ve been digressing with this movement)


  3. Wendler Hang Clean- Finished with 125 (13) E1RM- 175

    Wendler Front Squat- Finished with 150 (10) E1RM- 200

    Modified Divia-
    30 Bench Press #95
    30 Ab-Mat Sit ups
    20 BP
    20 Ab-Mats
    10 BP
    10 Ab-Mats

    Finished but wasn’t watching the clock

    Happy Birthday Vitti!


  4. Divia
    DNF @90% body weight 170
    got all the rowing done and 50 reps.
    Made it back to the bench with 4 seconds left and couldn’t squeeze a rep in. Moral of the story, row faster get stronger.

    Happy BIRTHDAY B
    Vit man


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