Nutrition 101- For EVERYONE: Box Magazine

Dear ALL Athletes,

Yes, I mean you. Everyone!  When the topic of nutrition comes up it reminds me of discussing politics with my mother, If you are not a Democrat it is a one sided conversation and you better agree or run the other way. It is very similar discussing religion. And some feel similar when CrossFit promotes Paleo.  Yes, I have grouped politics, religion and Nutrition together because of the passion behind each for most people.  I sense the same pressure my mom invokes when a coach asks the athletes at a WOD, “who is doing the PALEO challenge”?  Tonight was 1 in 25, resulting in silence and jokes.  I might as well asked you if you prayed when you woke up today or do you wait till life is so tough you are on your knees begging for mercy.  That would be like waiting till the doctor said, “despite hitting the wod 6 days a week you still need blood pressure meds or a bypass surgery”. Ok, I have always been big on analogies.

I will let the article from BOX magazine help you out.  This article takes nutrition and makes it like all political parties hugging or Buddha and Jesus going to Starbucks for coffee.  We can all coexist at CFS with no judgement.  Those of you doing the Paleo Challenge can benefit as well as the athlete who is considering the ZONE or simply trying to accept that Nutrition really is the foundation to your success at ANY level as a CrossFitter. We don’t expect anyone to be perfect just honest with yourself so that your goals and expectations are in alignment with Nutrition. Hope you enjoy the basics of Carbs, Protein, & Fat; Why, where and how much?

Please don’t hesitate to email or call me with any questions about Nutrition.

Leave any comments at the bottom of this post.

Regards, Glenn

Click here: nutrition101  PS some great meal outlines (Not Paleo)

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