Wod Tuesday 5/3/16

1.      Warm Up:

Coaches’ choice

2.     Strength:

 1X10, 1X20 Back Squat – use the set of 10 as a gage to judge how heavy you can go, then fairly heavy but not maximal load for the 20 reps – rest 3:00+ between sets

 3.     Wod:

 “10 Below”


  • Odd 10 deficit push-ups  (Use 35lb plates to create the deficit)
  • Even 20/14 cal row

 Cash out: 

Accumulate 2 minutes of chin over bar static hold reverse grip.



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9 thoughts on “Wod Tuesday 5/3/16

  1. BS 10@95, 20@75

    WOD: 10 push ups to 20 in box and 14 cals

    Good class today, good warm ups and nice to work on strength apart from WOD. Nice job as always Mick.


  2. EMOM x 10:
    1 squat snatch

    EMOM x 10:
    1 squat clean

    EMOM x 10:
    1 split jerk

    5 rounds each (relay style):
    20 GHD SU
    1 squat snatch @155
    8 OH lunges
    5 d-ball to shoulder @150
    didn’t time but got so frustrated on the d-ball in round 4 and 5


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