Wod Friday 5/6/16

1.      Warm Up:

Coaches’ choice

2.     Wod prep:

Warm the dead lift up to wod weight.

3.     Wod:

 “Gold Dust” 

Last done 1-17-16


  • 4 strict HSPU
  • 6 dead lifts(275,180)
  • 8 Box jump overs(24,20)

*The goal for choosing dead lift load is to be able to go unbroken in all rounds.

 Cash out: 

Banded hamstring stretch 2 minutes per side.

Extra conditioning:


12 x 1 min / 1 min easy

Pre-set the monitor for a work time of 1:00 and a rest time of 1:00. Alternate one minute of fairly intense rowing with one minute of relaxed rowing, for a total of 24 minutes.

Joe B

Joe B.

Posted in WOD

8 thoughts on “Wod Friday 5/6/16

  1. Frozen
    Gold Dust
    4 strict HSPU
    6 deads 275
    8 box jump overs 24
    8 +12 rx
    HSPU and deads unbroken
    Went on the 90 seconds for 8 rounds then right into the 9th round. Probably a little conservative but didn’t want to burn out on the HSPU:)


  2. “Gold Dust” AMRP 12 – 7 rounds
    4 Hand stand deficits. Switched to 1 HS deficit and 3 H.S> off box in 4th round.
    6 deadlift 155
    8 box jump overs


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