Wod Monday 5/9/16

1.      Warm Up:

Coaches’ choice

2.     Wod prep:

 Back squat – 5@65%, 3@75%, 2@80%, 2@85%, 2@90%

3.     Wod:

 “Purple Rain”

3 Rounds

In 3 minutes

  • Run 400m
  • AMRAP Burpees

Rest 1 minute

Run options:

  1. 300m
  2. 200m

*Your score is your total burpees

 Cash out:

Mobilze KB calf smash 2 minutes per side.

Extra conditioning:

4 x 750m / 2 min easy

Row four 750 meter pieces. Row for two minutes at light pressure between each 750.



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16 thoughts on “Wod Monday 5/9/16

  1. Back Squat: 80-115# – nice working with Jenn and Michelle this morning!
    Purple Rain: 45 Rx
    A fun little WOD and thankfully Mick did not make us do birthday burpees 🙂
    A great surprise to see Steve this morning! And the serenade led by Eric really did make my day – got the birthday off to a great start!!


  2. Back Squat: 185 – 260# (1)

    Purple Rain: 69 RX.
    It was hard catching Meg on the run in rounds 2 and 3.

    Great celebrating Deb’s birthday too. Had I known going in, I would have put candles in the RKTs

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  3. The sun’s out and we do Purple Rain☔️. Didn’t hear a Prince tune though, kinda disappointed🚫🎼😕
    Anyway, B SQ 105#
    And WOD: 38 RX. Feeling good. Burpees pain free through arm and shoulder. Sweet


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