Wod Thursday 6/9/16

1.      Warm Up:

Coaches’ choice

2.     Wod prep:

Teams of 2 10m sled push funnel style. Athletes push the sled 10m then run 100m and get back in line to push the sled again.  The class will accumulate 200m.

 3.     Wod:  

 Tosh sprints

3 Rounds of:

  • 200 Meter Run each
  • 400 Meter Run each
  • 600 Meter Run each

Athlete will run 200m rest 1:1
Athlete will run 400m rest 1:1
Athlete will run 600m rest 1:1

*This equals 1 round

*Record your time for all runs

*Score is total time to complete all 3 rounds

 *If you can’t run then you may row

 Cash out: 

Banded heel cord 2 minutes per side.



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4 thoughts on “Wod Thursday 6/9/16

  1. 31:40

    Defiantly at least a min in there of me not adding my times right. Third round was torture, I’m feeling those thrusters from yesterday!

    Awesome running drills by CJ!


  2. Tosh sprints
    Forgot to check the time when I finished and lost all my splits on the phone, but using the lap mode on the phone made it easy to keep track during the work out. Fun 4:30 class!


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