Wod Tuesday 6/14/16

1.      Warm Up:

Coaches’ choice

2.     Wod prep:

 Prep the movements.

 3.     Wod:



7 pull-ups

7 Front squats (185,125)

7 Toes to bar

Rest 5 minutes


7 Handstand push-ups

7 Deadlifts (245,165)

7 Burpees

*The load you go with for the dead lifts and front squats you should feel comfortable going unbroken.

Cash out: 

 Easy 2 minute row then banded hamstring stretch.




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11 thoughts on “Wod Tuesday 6/14/16

  1. Threw this back to part of a college rowing workout…

    Heavy Squat Clean (not from college workout)
    155, 165, 185, 215(f), 205(f) Not sure why I stupidly jumped to 215 ahead of 205

    Row For It Stephanie: 1591m
    AMMAP (As Many Meters as Possible) 10 minutes
    EMOM 5 burpees:


  2. Thx Jono and Alex something resonated with the TTB demo and I was finally able to string a bunch together:)
    4 even at 85#
    3+1 at 115#


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