June athlete of the month.

Congratulations to Jeff Herman(Puck Head) June athlete of the month! Let’s get to know Jeff a little better with some questions below.


Favorite class:

I love the 6:30am and noon classes.  When I do the 6:30am class, I have the energy and motivation to dominate the rest of my day.  I also love the noon crew, and it’s a great way to break up my day when I’m working from home.

My biggest accomplishment since joining CFS:

Inside the box, it has to be getting a Bar Muscle Up and completing The Murph workout only six months after starting.  When I joined on November 3rd, 2015, I had been out of shape for the past ten years.  Before we moved to Ashland, we had a gym and a pool in our building in Boston so it wasn’t a “time” issue, I was missing the motivation and drive.  At least once a year I would workout hard for 3-6 weeks, tell myself this time I’m getting back into shape, but I could always find an excuse after a few weeks and I would stop.  Since joining CFS, I wake up everyday looking forward to getting into the Box.  One of the best parts of Crossfit is that you just need to show up.  I can leave all of the daily stresses at the door, the coaches have the WOD planned out, your fellow athletes push and support you, and it’s over in a hour.  Crossfit has also helped me become more confident and successful in my professional life as well.

Advise for new folks:

During my first foundations class, CC told me “put the blinders on,” just put the blinders on.   It’s the best advise for anyone that is new to Crossfit.  Don’t worry about the weight, times, or movements everyone else is doing.  Ask the coaches for help with scaling the workout.  Come into the Box, work hard for the hour, track your workouts, and the results will come(Post your results on the CFS website daily).  Additionally, try to make a weekend class since they are typically a little longer and tend to have more of a cardio focus while also working out your whole body.

Something that most people don’t know:

My name is Jeff Herman… I tell my wife all the time, everyone at CFS only knows me as Puck or Puckhead. Which sometimes can be confusing when I drop into a class time other than 6:30am and noon.  I get some weird looks when the coach calls me Puck; with a P.

Favorite Snack food:


First experience at CFS:

My first class after foundations was “Helen.” I toe picked the top of the box and almost smashed my face in the second round.  It took me 12:30, and It was the hardest I had worked out since college.

Favorite Crossfit Movement:

Hand stand push-ups

Favorite Movie:

Any Jason Bourne Movie

Joining CFS has been an amazing and rewarding experience so I want to thank John, Elizabeth all of the coaches for creating a culture that is welcoming and supportive to everyone!


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8 thoughts on “June athlete of the month.

  1. Congrats Jeff! You’ve got such a positive energy and are quick to help a crossfitter in need. I recall breaking a band doing ring dips and you had a replacement ready for me fast as lightning. Thanks again!

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  2. Congrats Jeff! First a baby and now this?! Two wonderful accomplishments – I can only speak for the box-related one, but it is always great to get to work out with you!!


  3. Congrats, Jeff! You have made incredible progress in the past 6 months. It is motivating me to push hard after the shoulder surgery and get myself into Puck Head shape!


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