Wod Thursday 7/7/16 Bring a friend day!

1.      Warm Up:

Coaches’ choice

2.     Wod prep:

Prep the movements

 3.     Wod:

 “Odd object Team Jerry”

Teams of 2 for time

  • Run 1 Mile with a plate or sand bag (35,25)
  • Row 2,000 Meters One partner holds the plate or sand bag while the other rows.
  • Run 1 Mile with a plate or sand bag (35,25)

*Partners change every 200m, on both the run and row.

*Anytime the plate or sand bag touches the ground during the wod it is 10 burpee fitness bonus points for the team!

 Core team cash out: 

 100 med ball sit-ups





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14 thoughts on “Wod Thursday 7/7/16 Bring a friend day!

  1. Brought a friend to Barcelona….Ilana and I dropped in at La Huella CrossFit in Barcelona….did our own WOD during open box since their schedule didn’t match our travel / sleep / sightseeing schedule. We did 21-15-9 of front squats / burpees / box jumps. And I’ve still not stopped sweating! 10:20 @ 95#/24″.

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  2. Sandbag Jerry with Kristin!! 32:46 and NO burpees 🙂 If I wanted to run with an extra 25 pounds on me, I would not have to come to class! We topped it off with 100 partner med ball (14#) sit ups. Have a great vacation Mick!!

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  3. 25:26 with E aka Erwin who is an absolute beast. (25# sandbag)

    Really good energy this morning despite the humid weather, very fun class, except for the running with the sandbag part. Thanks mick!

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  4. Odd object Jerry with Joe and Emily with the 9:30 crew. Ran the the whole mile together all with are own sand bag. rowed the 2k switchingredients every 200 then ran the whole mile together again all with are own sand bags. I think it was 32 something.

    Then odd object jerry with the noon time crew. Partnered up with Cara the sand bag running machine. 26:04 rx + Cara ran with the 35lb bag😊


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