Wod Wednesday 8/3/16

1.      Warm Up:

Coaches choice

2.     Strength:

 Week 2 of our back squat strength program, today

The percentages will be based on 90% of your 1rm from last Tuesday.  Example, if your 1rm back squat is 225 then all your % below will be based on 205lbs which is 90% of 225.

Minutes 0-20 complete the 6 sets of back squats.  Rest 2 to 3 minutes between sets.  Rest 5 minutes  At minute 25 begin 100 Russian KB swings for time.

Sets 1-3 warm-up sets

1st set 5 reps @ 40%

 2nd set 5 reps @ 50%

 3rd set 3 reps @ 60%

Sets 4-6 are working sets

4th set 3 reps @ 70%

5th set 3 reps @ 80%

6th set 3+ reps @ 90%

3.     Wod:

For time:

100 Russian KB swings, handle to eye level(70,53)

*Every time you break on the KB swings, complete 5 burpees.


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14 thoughts on “Wod Wednesday 8/3/16

  1. Back squat program…95 to 205…5@205#.
    I don’t know how people can swing those 70# kettle bells….I don’t even want to deadlift them!
    WOD: 2:51@53# KB. Went unbroken for all 100 reps. Planned to go 50/25/25 but when I got to 60 or 70 I figured I just couldn’t put it down….so ZERO burpees for me!
    Thanks Mick!

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  2. Back squat: 55-120#
    WOD: 3:48 35# – one drop at 50 reps, but I kinda like burpees 🙂
    Betsy made this one look easy! So did Linda who went unbroken next to me!
    Great coaching by Mick…love the shorts!


  3. Squat 275# for 10reps
    Using 315 as my 1rm from a recent Crossfit Total, but I think thats low, excited to see what it is after all this squatting!

    WOD 7:06 RX. Grip was smoked!


  4. Two of my favs – back squats and KB swings!

    6 x 5 reps
    95-120….just focusing on movement & hoping all the squats keep pushing him down!

    4:43 RX


  5. By the way Mick, loved how you ended class today! Always a good refresher to go over the foundations to help stay on track and motivated.


  6. Back Squat: 9 reps @205.
    WOD: 5:55 RX (50/25/15/15). Pretty sure I did 15 so I’d have 10 left, but my brain got confused if it was 10 down and 15 left. So 15 more it was. :). Holy grip.


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