Wod Wednesday 8/31/16

1.      Warm Up:

Coaches’ choice

2.     Strength:

 15 minutes to establish 3 RM Hang Squat Clean

3.     Wod:


3 Hang squat cleans @ 75% of above

*Remainder of minute unbroken max pull ups or ring rows.

*Your score is your total reps for all 8 rounds

*rest 5 minutes*

 3 rounds for quality

  • 20 banded Good mornings
  • 12 Barbell bent over rows.




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10 thoughts on “Wod Wednesday 8/31/16

  1. 3RM Hang Squat Clean: 75#
    “Hump Day”: 36 Pull Ups @ 55# HSC
    Fun to have Justin doing some filming this morning! I will be signing autographs tomorrow morning at 5:30.


  2. 3RM to 135. Haven’t done any squatting in a while and it showed.
    WOD: 58 #105
    Wheels fell off the bus on round 5.


  3. Jumped in with the 430 crew tonight and it was fire! Loved every second of it! Sorry I didn’t jump in on the metcon I have some tennis elbow going on and it wasn’t feeling so good. 3rm hang 275#, 285# for 2rep didn’t stand up the 3rd rep. Good! I just wanted to let everyone at cfs know that you guys have a huge impact on my life. This am was really cool having Justin in, sorry I didn’t give you guys the heads up 530am crew! You guys rocked it!

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