Wod Wednesday 9/7/16

1.      Warm Up:

Coaches’ choice

2.     Strength:

 15 minutes to establish 2 RM push jerk

 *Rest 5 minutes*

@ Minute 20

“I’m all Right”

 EMOM 10

2 Push jerk @ 85% of above

*Remainder of minute max box jump overs (24,20)

Rx shoot for 10 to 12

Intermediate shoot for 8 to10

Beginner 5 to 7

*Intermediate and beginners scale the height of the box as needed.

 *rest 5 minutes*


3 rounds for quality

  • 10 GHD hip extensions
  • 8 Rear foot elevated DB split squat (4 each leg)

*Beginners do the split squat from the floor.



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