Wod Wednesday 9/14/16

1.      Warm Up:

Coaches’ choice

2.     Strength:

5 x 5 Back squat work to a heavy 5 reps.  If you have your 1 rm back squat number this could equate to 80 to 85  % of your 1rm.

What is the formula?
WARM UP SET 1: Empty Bar x5
WARM UP SET 2 & 3: Still light, but with big steps to get you within about 65% of your targeted first working set. Five rep sets, intended for you to work on your positioning and get your joints lubed up properly.
WARM UP SET 4: A 3-rep set, as we decrease volume nearing our working sets. A smaller jump in weight, to cross about 1/2 of that remaining gap between Set 3 and your Working Weight
WARM UP SET 5: A 2-rep set just to get the feel for this weight. About the same jump, calculated so that your final jump to working weight is NO GREATER than any of your prior increases.

WORKING SET 1: 60% of your 1rm
WORKING SET 2-5: 5# to 5# per set as you feel you can.


If your 1rm back squat is 300

5 warm-up sets

1st set 5 reps with bar

2nd set 5 reps with 105 35%

3rd set 5 reps with 135 45%

4th set 3 reps with 150 50%

5th set 2 at 165 55%

1st working set 180 60%

2nd working set 195 65%

3rd working set 210 70%

4th working set 225 75%

5th working set 240 80%

Rest a minimum of 3 minutes between working sets.

Accessory work:

Mobility coaches choice

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21 thoughts on “Wod Wednesday 9/14/16

  1. Fired it up tonight with the 430pm! Thank you 430 hammer crew for welcoming James and his gf Kassandra in to hit some heavy back squats. They had a blast! 5×5 275,295,305,325,345. Good!


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