WOD 11/22/16 Tuesday

1.    Skill

2 Minute Max Triple Unders


2.   Wod


Paper Beats Rock


Partner 1- 10 Plate Ground to Overhead then 20 M Plate Push (35, 25)

Partner 2 – AMRAP

– 5 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

– 25 Double Unders

Score is  total rounds of pull-ups and Jumps rope. When Plate push is completed, pick up where your partner left off in the AMRAP.



1.    Pullups

2.   Ring Rows

3.   2x Single Unders



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One thought on “WOD 11/22/16 Tuesday

  1. TU’s. I think 1.
    Paper Beats Rock W/Andy
    9 Rounds + 23 (Counted just rounds of C2B and DU’s)
    (8 Cal Bike instead of DU’s – Cramped Calf)


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