New Sweatshirts & Kids Items Available In on-Line Store

We have put together a few CFS items that you can order on-line.
  • Adult hooded zip-up sweatshirts
  • Adult hooded pullover sweatshirts
  • Kids zip up sweatshirts
  • Kids long sleeve t-shirt
  • Winter hats

This store will be available until Monday, December 19th.  All charges for merchandise will process after the store closes on 12/19.  All merchandise will ship to CFS and we will notify you as soon as we receive it. Unfortunately these items will not arrive before the holidays.

We do have some of the same garments (without the printing) that you can check out at CFS for sizing and colors. We will leave the following on a table at CFS for the next week so that you can check them out:

  • Adult hooded pullover sweatshirt in dark grey marble – size medium
  • Adult hooded zip up sweatshirt in red marble – size medium
  • Youth hooded zip up sweatshirt in royal blue -size large
  • Pom pom hat and beanie hat

These items are offered in only the colors you see in the on-line store.

You must join the group order and create an account to log in – after creating the account click on Enter My Order Selections, (use the Next Item button in the bottom right to see the next garment.)  To see the graphics on the shirts just hover over it and click on it.  The hats and sweatshirts/shirts are on two separate sites.  Once you create an account you can log right into the other site but these will be two separate orders with two separate charges.

**Item #2 is a full zip sweatshirt, items # 3 & 4 are pullovers (This information was left out of the description and will be corrected by Monday.)
If you have any questions please email Elizabeth at
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2 thoughts on “New Sweatshirts & Kids Items Available In on-Line Store

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