Wod Saturday 12/24/16

1. Warm-up

Coaches choice

2. WOD Prep

Prep the movements

3. WOD

“12 Days of Christmas”

(1)Rope Climb (12 sets)

(2)Shoulder to over head (115,80)(11 sets)

(3)Front Squats (115,80)(10 sets)

(4)Hang Power cleans (115,80)(9 sets)

(5)HR push-ups(8 sets)

(6)Abmat sit-ups(7 sets)

(7)Bar facing Burpees(6 sets)

(8)Pull-ups(5 sets)

(9)Wall Balls (20,14)(4 sets)

(10) KB swings (53,35) (3 sets)

(11) Toes to Bar (2 sets)

1200m row or run (1 set)

This is done just like the song. So in the 1st day (round) you do one rope climb, In the 2nd day (round) you do 2 STOH and 1 rope climb. Round 3 will be 3 front squats, 2 STOH and 1 rope climb. The wod ends with 1 rope climb and a glass of egg nog!

4. Post Wod



Merry Christmas

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7 thoughts on “Wod Saturday 12/24/16

  1. Stopped at the cap with my last set to go from 10 down.

    12′ rope climb
    20 lb Dumbbells for hang clean, front squat and push press.
    Dumbbell push ups
    Calorie bike in lieu of burpees
    Ghd in lieu of TTB.

    And a toke of weed on the 1200m run (not really). A guy was taking a walk and smoking a doobie. A bunch of us got a whiff on that 1200m run. 🙂

    Merry Christmas!


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