Wod Friday 10/30/16

1. Warm-up

Coaches choice

2. WOD Prep

L Sit

6 Rounds
15 Second of work
40 Seconds of Rest

3. WOD

Last Chance

Teams of 2.  One athlete works while the other rests alternating movements.


  • Row 250 M
  • 20 Russian KBS
  • 10 Target Burpees

Partner 1 completes row.  When partner 1 finishes the row partner 2 completes the KBS.  When partner 2 completes the KBS partner 1 does the burpees.  When partner 1 finishes the burpees partner 2 rows. Continue this pattern for the 16 minutes.

*If you are a single athlete doing this work out rest 1 minute after each round.

4. Post Wod

5 minutes foam rolling lats and upper back.



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