Wod Thursday 1/19/17

1. Warm-up

Coaches choice

2. WOD Prep

Elevated rope rows

3. WOD

Nathan Algren

Teams of 2

1 partner works while the other rests

100 Plate ground to overhead (45, 35)
10 x 20 M Plate Push (same)(10 up 10 back)
10 Rope Climbs
100 Cal Bike
20 x 20 M Overhead Plate Walk (same)

*Scales for rope climbs;

  1.  Cargo net climb
  2. 3 rope pulls equals 1 rope climb
  3. 12 ft climb
  4. 5 rope knees to chest = 1 rope climb

4. Post Wod

Partner Pancake stretch



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3 thoughts on “Wod Thursday 1/19/17

  1. 1 + 56 with Paul. We would have beat Rob and Mike if Mike’s injured toe didn’t give him an excuse on the rope climbs. (A lesser man would have died.)

    And yes Tin Man, those plate pushes were filthy.


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