CrossFit Games 2017 – Registration is Open!

cf-games-2017-logoThe CrossFit Games 2017 Open registration is live!

The CrossFit Games is a worldwide competition (that only costs $20 to enter) with hundreds of thousands of CrossFitters of ALL ages and abilities.  There are masters and teens divisions as well as a  scaled division.  As a registered athlete you will be able to see each week where you stand in your division inside CFS, in our region (North East) and in the world!  It’s pretty cool!

All workouts are released on Thursdays at 8pm for 5 consecutive weeks starting on 2/23/17.  Each games workout will be the WOD of the day on each Friday following the announcement.  Whether you are registered or not, this will be the WOD for everyone each Friday.

To register click here to login with your existing account or create a new one.

Please join the CrossFit Synergistics team when you register.  You will see the option for this at the end of the registration process when you get to your competition page.

During the Opens our Friday schedule will change slightly just as it did last year.  The 5:30am through noon classes will be regular class format and will run for the scheduled hour.  Every athlete will be performing the Opens workout and have a judge scoring their workout regardless of whether they’re signed up for the Opens or not.  These classes will be coached just like any other class.  The evening classes will be a little different.  The box will open at 4:00pm.  When you arrive for the evening classes you will sign in with Zen on the kiosk computer just as you usually do for class and then sign in on a whiteboard for your heat time and assigned a judge. The last heat will go off no later than 7pm.  You will also be asked to judge at least one workout. The evening classes will be more self directed, meaning you will be expected to warm-up and prep the wod on your own.  There will be a specific warm-up written on the white board and a warm-up area to prep in. There will be coaches going over the movements and the specific standards.  Help and guidance will be available if needed.  You are welcome to participate in the Friday evening heats whether you’re registered for the Opens or not.

If you are registered for the Opens please make your best effort to complete the competition WOD on Fridays.  If you need to do the workout on another day or time you will need to find someone to judge you and ok it with a coach.

If you’d like to take the on-line CrossFit Judges course click here for more information.  This course costs $10 and is a great way to get a clear understanding of the standards that need to be met with every movement.

If you’d like to come Friday evening and help judge or simply just cheer on the athletes everyone is welcome!  Friends and family are welcome to come and cheer!

If you have any questions or would like to simply be a judge on Friday nights please email John at  All help is greatly appreciated!

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