6 thoughts on “Wod Friday 1/27/17

  1. Fun short WOD today was perfect after the filthy 50 hell yesterday.
    Dips…great progressions CC..really helpful cues for good shoulder position.
    WOD: 8+16 @ 245# (finished round of 8’s…got 10 dips and 6 deadlifts)


  2. Back squat 3 x 6 across 265
    Front squat 3 x 4 across 240
    Over head squat 3 x 2 across 170

    Ladder up by 2’s
    2 ring dips
    2 dead lifts

    10 rounds + 18 (78 reps)rx

    Then Emom 7
    3 unbroken bar muscle ups.


  3. Favorite part of the workout…CC’s “Tahdah!!” moment during the warmup.
    WOD: 12+2 at 140# and red band on dips. Maybe should have gone a little heavier on the deadlifts. Maybe.


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