Wod Wednesday 2/1/17

1. Warm-up

Coaches choice

2. Wod prep

L-sit hang

3 Attempts at a max hang. Rest 60 seconds after each attempt.

*Scale to knees to 90.

3. Wod

Hump Day

Teams of 3 for time while holding a 45 lb plate.  If the plate touches the ground at any time during the workout it is a 15 burpee penalty for the team on the spot.

1 Partner works at a time.

4800m row athletes switch every 400m

Then 150 burpees over the rower.
Each athlete must complete sets of 5.


15 x 100M Sprints (50m up, 50m back)
Each athlete must complete 5 runs.

4. Post Wod

Couch Stretch 2 minutes/ side



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9 thoughts on “Wod Wednesday 2/1/17

  1. Great workout today! 2 person team — Just me and Sean C. at the 9:30 class. CJ gave us the option to have a ‘ghost’ 3rd person for the extra rest but we declined and just went for it! Great job Sean!

    TIME – 28:32
    3200 row
    100 burpees
    10×100 m run


  2. The so-called “Varsity” team at 7:30 tonight certainly got a little carried away with themselves at 7:30 tonight. Fun WOD though for us non-varsity people.


  3. Yes Beth, Mac was in rare form last night with his Larry Bird shorts playing on the Varsity with Merri and Jana. When are you going to come grace us at 7:30 p.m.?


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