Wod Sunday 2/5/17

Super Bowl Sunday!

1. Warm-up

Coaches choice

2. Wod Prep

Prep the movements

3. Wod

TB 12

500 M Row
10 Front Rack Step Forward Lunges (65, 45)
400 M Row
20 Front Rack Lunges
300 M Row
30 Front Rack Lunges
200 m Row
40 Front Rack Lunges
100 M Row

4. Post Wod

Couch stretch 2 minutes per side.


Go Pats!

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3 thoughts on “Wod Sunday 2/5/17

  1. Absolutely loved John’s coaching today…the piece about keeping the hip and back knee stacked during the lunges was something I never thought about before. I think when we do so many walking lunges for a given distance (e.g., 50m), it’s easy to get out of good mechanics. The tips today made such a huge difference, thank you Frozen!
    13:16 Rx


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