Wod Thursday 2/16/16

1. Warm-up

Coaches choice

2. Wod prep

Warm up the dumbbell snatch to wod weight and shuttle sprints.

3. Wod

The Matrix

5 rounds of:

  • Max 10m shuttle sprints in 60 seconds(10m up and 10m back = 2 )you must touch the line with each sprint.
  • Alternating dumbbell power snatches (50,35)

*Complete a total of 30 reps (or sprints) in each round.

*For example, if you do 15 sprints in 60 seconds you will then have to complete 15 Dumbbell power snatches for that round to equal the 30 reps. If the next round you complete 12 sprints in 60 seconds you will have to complete 18 dumbbell power snatches for that round to complete the 30 reps.


*The clock will be set for 60 second rounds. You will always begin your sprints at the beginning of the round. Only completed sprints count.

*Your score will be the total rounds + seconds it takes you to complete the 5 rounds.

* The goal for this Wod is to try and stay consistent with your sprints and snatches.  You should try and stay between +3 and minus 3 of your first round.

*Choose a load for for the snatch that you will be able to move with good technique and consistency,  no more than 5 seconds between reps.  This will allow you to keep up the intensity of the wod.

4. Post Wod

2 minutes easy on the bike into 2 minutes of calf smash on a kettle bell into 2 minutes of banded shoulder distraction.

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2 thoughts on “Wod Thursday 2/16/16

  1. Frozen, what’s the theme this week? Monday was Wayne’s World with Mike Myers, who looks slightly like Keanu Reeves. Tuesday is off point, and then Wednesday and Thursday are Point Break and Matrix, two Keanu Reeves movies. If Apollo Creed was wrong in Rocky 3 and there is a tomorrow, is the workout going to be called Speed?

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