Wod Saturday 2/25/17

1. Warm-up

Coaches choice

2. Wod prep

Prep the movements

3. Wod

Threes Company

Teams 3

Amrap 30

4 rope climbs
8 Goblet squats(70,53)
16 Calories on the bike
200m sand bag run(50,35)
For this wod 1 athlete will run 200m with the sand bag while the other 2 athletes move through the triplet. The 2 athletes on the triplet 1 will work while the other rests. Rotate the sand bag run through out the 30 minutes.

*If there is a team of (2) 1 athlete works while the other rests. Athletes will work through all 4 movements. Athletes will complete a 100m sand bag run each.

Scales for rope climb:
1. 12 ft rope
2. 3 rope pulls equal 1 rope climb.

4. Post wod

1. Couch stretch 2 minutes a side.
2. Lax ball scaps 2 minutes a side.


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