Wod Monday 3/13/17

1. Warm-up

Coaches choice

2. Wod prep

Prep and practice the Kettle bell swing. (Russian and American)

3. Wod

15 KB swings (35,26)
20/15 Cal bike

Rest 4:00

12 KB swings (53,35)
20/15 Cal bike

Rest 4:00

9 KB swings (70,53)
20/15 Cal bike

In this work out we have equal part rest to work (4:00 off between intervals), we can train at a higher intensity than if it were a 12:00 minute AMRAP (total working time). Higher intensity equals higher power, which is the fastest way to results.

Option 2: American swings (35,26)(44,30)(62,44)(Add a KB buddy to the 26 to create a 30)

Option 3: Russian swings Keep the weight @ (35,26)

*Scale loads as needed.

4. Post wod

Lat foam roll. 2 minutes each side.

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13 thoughts on “Wod Monday 3/13/17

  1. Redid 17.3 today. I did it scaled on Friday, and was curious how far I could get RX, since I hadn’t squat-snatched 65# before and my chest to bar would have to be underhand. I did some standing around and talking, and my reps weren’t pretty, but I got a score of 39, which is much more than I expected. So I’m happy! Thanks for being a great judge, Deb! And great job on your re-do too!

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  2. 17.3 Take Two: 80 Reps (Scaled). Up from 67 Reps on Friday. Thank you for the judging and encouragement this morning Ilana! It was inspirational to judge both Ilana and Ma Purp this morning as they both went further than they had anticipated in their 17.3 WODs. Great athletes doing great things!!

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  3. 17.3 26 reps RX
    I promised myself after scaling 17.1 that I’d RX the rest of the opens WODs. I’m not super proud of my score but I am determined to improve for next years opens.

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