Wod Thursday 3/30/17

1. Warm-up

Coaches choice

2. WOD Prep

Prep the movements

3. Wod

With a 25 minute clock perform A then B

A. Freddy Kruger last done on 3/16/16

5 minute cap


Kettle bell swings(70,53)

*This work out is meant to be a burner. This means all reps should be unbroken and you are trying to push your metabolic thresh hold.

B. With the remaining time on the clock build to a heavy 3 back squat.

Option 2:


Kettle bell swings(53,35)

Option 3:


Russian Kettle bell swings(35,26)

The reps have been reduced to keep up the intensity of the wod.

4. Post wod

Foam roll for 5 minutes

Alex in 17.5


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5 thoughts on “Wod Thursday 3/30/17

  1. Fun little 5:30 with Ilana, Heather and Becka! Great coaching as always Frozen…lots of laughs!
    Freddy K – 4:39 @ 53#
    3 rep heavy BS to 225# (95, 145, 195, 215, 225). May have had a little more in the tank but rather live to fight another day!
    30 burpees after to keep Ilana company.


  2. 4:51 RX. NOT!

    Just kidding Ryan.

    5:27 with 53#. Should have gone with #62. But still a good one.

    And great to have Katya (of website fame) and Karen join us at 7:30!


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