Wod Thursday 4/13/17

1. Warm-up

Coaches choice

2. Wod prep

STRENGTH: 12 min to shoulder the heaviest possible stone.

The benefits of odd object training. Lifting something that is un-balanced will do wonders for your strength and also your ability to lift things in daily life such as kids, grocery bags, luggage when traveling or that bag of soil at Home Depot. When was the last time you lifted something like a dumbbell or barbell outside of the gym? Training with odd objects will also have a strong transfer into sporting performance.

3. Wod


Teams of 2 for time
4 rounds
Partner A does 100m.farmers carry, (70,53)around parking lot.
Partner B does AMRAP stone to shoulder.(AHAP)
When partner A returns he/she does AMRAP stone to shoulder and Partner B does 100m farmers carry.
Each athlete complete this cycle 4x so each person farmer carries 400m.

Once this is complete the partners will then carry a sand bag 800m together.(50,35)
*The wod is complete when you return from the sand bag carry.

Two scores for this WOD
1. Overall time
2. Total combined reps of stone to shoulder.

Team name and scores on the board.

4. Post wod

Foam roll for 5 minutes

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5 thoughts on “Wod Thursday 4/13/17

  1. Heavy Stone: 65#
    WOD with Ilana and Michelle: Doing some fancy math, we calculated how many reps two of us would have done – 63 reps (50/65 stone for Michelle | 65# for Deb and Ilana), 35#KB for Ilana and Michelle | 44# for Deb, and a 40# sandbag for the run. I’m not sure that Ilana and Michelle will be so quick to take me on their team next time…


  2. #130 PR with the stone and #115 for the WOD. Only three people for the typically huge 7:30 WOD. Putting away everyone else’s kettle bells was almost as bad as the workout.


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