Wod Friday 4/14/17

1. Warm-up

Coaches choice

2. Wod prep

*The goal of this wod prep is to focus on vertical bar path and feel the different positions of the lift. Load is secondary. This will prep us for efficiency in the wod!

Snatch complex.

Strength OT2M for 12 minutes 6 sets work up to wod weight heavier if capable.

1 Power Snatch from pockets(verticle dip, scaps back, chest up, weight in heels)
1 Power Snatch from above the knee.  Knee bend is the same as pocket position, hips back, chest over the bar, weight shifts to mid foot. We are looking for speed through the middle here.
1 Power snatch from 2″inches from the floor(shoulders over the bar, chest up, hips down, weight in the mid foot. This is the positional pull done slowly. Hips and shoulders rise together pulling the knees back at the same time vertical shins.

3. Wod

CPO Sharkey


Hang power snatches(75,50)
Wall balls(20,14)
Calorie row

Option 2:


Power snatches(65,45)
Wall balls(20,14)
Calorie row

Option 3:


Power snatches(45,30)
Wall balls(14,10)
Calorie row

4. Post wod

Banded overhead distraction.  2 minutes per side.


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7 thoughts on “Wod Friday 4/14/17

  1. Snatch Complex to 50#
    I believe this WOD was created as a result of John thinking “what are 3 things that cause Deb distress in a workout?”
    CPO Sharkey: 21:15 (35# Snatches) I’m grateful I was very far away from Becka.


  2. I tried really hard to do what CC said – no more than two sets on the snatches but I’m pretty sure I went too heavy and there was no going back! So 2 sets might have become 3 sets… Anyway, 20:59 (45#/10#). I was glad when that was over 😅!

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