Wod Marathon Monday 4/17/17

1. Warm-up

Coaches choice

2. Wod Prep

Prep the DB bench press, run and toes to bar.

3. Wod

With a running clock minute 0 to 21

Cement mixer (last done on 8/13/15)

7 rounds of:

Every 3 minutes complete:

400 meter Run
12 Toe to Bars

Rest minute 21 to 26 then

Minute 26 to 40

Dumbbell Bench Press

*For cement mixer rest with remaining time after toes to bar

*Record your times for each round of cement mixer.

*For cement mixer you are shooting to get your first round done in 2 minutes or better.  Your runs should be at a sprint pace around 90 seconds  Scale the run as needed. You should be shooting to get your toes to bar done in 30 seconds or less.  Scale volume of toes to bar as needed.  This will allow you to keep up the intensity of the workout giving you the rest you need to give your all in each round.


Option 2:

300 meter Run
12 Toe to Bars

Option 3:

200m run
12 knees to 90

4. Post Wod

Foam roll for 5 minutes

Beth & Jess

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5 thoughts on “Wod Marathon Monday 4/17/17

  1. Cement mixer: Tried this RX but T2B got me ….. Did my best to get as many as I could with just enough time to get back out the door. Really didn’t get any rest those last few rounds. Continued Tom push the run though.
    400m run, TTB 12,12,12,9,8,8,10 (1st round best time 2:23)
    DB bench 15-35# (40# x3)


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