Wod Friday 4/21/17

1. Warm-up

Coaches choice

2. Wod prep


Snatch Grip Split Jerk

20 minutes to build to a perfect 2

3. Wod

Grace  (Last done 12/28/16)

30 Clean and Jerks for Time (135, 95)

Scale load as needed.

4. Post wod

Lax ball scaps 2 minutes per side.


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4 thoughts on “Wod Friday 4/21/17

  1. Late night at tennis, so opted for a fun little WOD at home:
    50 Air Squats
    25 Cal Row
    40 RKBS
    20 Cal Row
    30 Sit Ups
    15 Cal Row
    20 Push Ups
    10 Cal Row
    10 Burpees
    Then: Tabata Plank and Tabata Handstand Hold


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