Join the CFS Spartan Race Team on 6/17/17

We have 18 athletes signed up for this event!  We are ordering team shirts!  If you sign up by Wednesday, 5/31 you will have the option to order a team shirt. Please email Ken if you’d like to order a shirt. (Shirt order must be in by Wednesday, 5/31.)

Race 3-5 miles through fields, woods, mud, and streams while overcoming obstacles such as walls, nets, mud, monkey bars, mud, rope climbs, mud pits, barbed wire, spear throws, fire pits, mud, etc.  (Last year it was 5.8 miles.)

For additional fun you can carry buckets of gravel, heavy stones, and sandbags!  It’s “really fun” as CJ would say.

Google “Spartan Race Barre MA” and look at the GoPro YouTube videos from last year to get the flavor.

The race is in Rutland, MA — the geographical center of Massachusetts —
(Treasure Valley Scout Reservation – 394 Pleasantdale Rd, Rutland, MA 01543)

To join the CFS team, do the following:

Google “Groupon Spartan Race 2017 Boston” or go to:

By using Groupon you’ll save 39% which is a lot of savings given the cost.  Put in your e-mail and credit card and pay.  Note the Groupon “Redemption Code.”

Then go to and sign up for the Saturday afternoon race as a member of the CrossFit Synergistics team. You’ll need the team password — cfsmud — to join the team.  Don’t get freaked out by the price or the mandatory insurance.  Once you enter your Groupon “redemption code” at the end the price comes way, way down.

Call or text (508-789-7691) or e-mail Ken Anderson ( with questions.