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In order to sign up for a CrossFit monthly membership you need to have completed our Foundations course or be a CrossFitter coming from another box.  If you are coming from another box please email us at info@cfsyn so we can get you set up!

BootCamp athletes and CrossFit Kids & Teens do not have to go through a Foundations course and can simply sign up for a membership.

All memberships will prorate for the remainder of your first month and then will renew on the first of every month until you notify us to make a change.  All change requests must be made before the start of a new month.  Memberships are non-refundable.

CrossFit Adults


CrossFit Kids & Teens

  • Kids (ages 5-7 yrs old) K- Pre School
  • Kids (ages 8-10 yrs old) Elementary
  • Middle School (ages 11-13 yrs old) 
  • High School (ages 13-17 yrs old)
  • 1 Class/week (5 classes/month) $80 per month Click here
  • 2 Classes/week (9 classes/month) $100 per month Click here
  • 3 Classes/week (13 classes/month) $120 per month Click here
  • Unlimited classes $130 per month Click here
  • 10 Class punch card $180 Click here


25% off of CrossFit full month memberships only for law enforcement officers, military personnel, E.M.T and full time undergraduate college students.  Please call or email regarding discounts. To qualify, bring in your current valid photo ID.

Family Discounts. For full month CrossFit or BootCamp memberships.  Discounts apply to spouses or dependent children.

  • 1st family member is full price
  • 2nd family member (or lesser membership) is 10% off
  • 3rd family member is 15% off
  • 4th family member is 20% off

Discounts are for full month memberships only.

Family Memberships.  We offer four different family options for CrossFit. These memberships are sold as is and cannot be adjusted.  These memberships are for full month only and will not be prorated mid-month.  The family membership applies to spouses and dependent children only.
Our regular family discounts are still offered for families that are not on a family membership, 10% off for 2nd family member, 15% off for 3rd family member and 20% off for 4th family member.
Just like with any of our monthly memberships please let us know before the 1st of any month to make a change.  Please email Elizabeth at  if you would like to switch to a family membership or have any other change requests.

  • Family of 3 all get unlimited memberships for $425 per month
  • Family of 4 or more all get unlimited memberships for $515 per month
  • Family of 3 all get 3X/week (13 classes/month) for $365 per month
  • Family of 4 or more all get 3X/week (13 classes/month) for $450 per month


Please Note: All memberships and class pass purchases are non-refundable.