Step 1: Free Intro Class

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Free Intro Class (Adults & Teens 13+):  We would love to have you come and experience a Free Intro Class click here to sign-up. Our regular scheduled Free Intro Class is a training session with one of our professional coaches where you learn a lot more about our program and actually experience a CrossFit workout for yourself.   The purpose of this session is to help us better understand you as an athlete, your experience, goals and expectations, as well as for you to understand the methodology of CrossFit and our safe approach to coaching.

Free Trial WOD: Your first visit is FREE If you have CrossFit experience or are a friend of a member and feel comfortable embracing a large group environment. We would love to have you come and experience a Free Trial WOD click here to sign-up. You will experience a CrossFit workout and embrace the full depths of our community.  This experience can be different from the structured Free Intro Class because it includes all athletes. We take pride in the fact that all our classes are universally scalable for any level participant.

Free Trial Class for Kids & Teens: First class for kids & teens is free! Fill out the waiver above and just come on in to any of the scheduled Kids & Teens classes. We request that you to click here to sign-up or contact us with any questions.


Feel free to contact us for further details in making the best choice for you.



“Thanks! I have to admit I was intimidated when I walked in, but really did enjoy the workout. I think this may be the only workout that will truly push me and hopefully yield the weight loss results I have wanted.
Thanks again,

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