Our In-House Throwdown is Saturday, November 18th.  Athletes will register individually and the CFS coaches will pair athletes up and make teams of two.
Rx athletes will be paired together and Scaled athletes will be paired together.

All teams will compete in 4 WODs.  3 of the 4 WODS are below – the 4th WOD will be a surprise.  

Please register by Tuesday, October 31st and we will post all the teams on Saturday, November 4th.

Event info – 

  • Saturday, 11/18/17
  • Registration at 7:30am.  Athlete’s meeting at 8:00am.  First heat goes off at 8:30am. (this has been adjusted from the original time)
  • Teams of 2 either male/male or female/female with RX and Scaled Divisions
  • Cost per athlete is $29 (includes t-shirt for men and tank top for women – please specify shirt size when registering)
  • Athletes will register and list their division, RX or Scaled. (Please see the criteria below.) The coaching staff will then pair up the teams accordingly. 
We will need judges along with volunteers for a number of other jobs. If you can only stay for part of the day that’s fine. We’re appreciative of any help you can offer.
(Under registration Info please fill in t-shirt size – all volunteers will wear t-shirts.)
We will have a meeting on Friday, November 17th at 7:00pm for all volunteers.

Click here to see the original post to look at standards to determine if you should be in the RX or Scaled division.

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Event 1 – War Horse 
15/10 cal row (rower must be reset every round)
12 Kettlebell swings Rx (53,35) Scaled (35,26)
9 Burpees over the rower
*One athlete works while the other rests.  Athlete Completes 15/10 cal row.  When athlete 1 finishes the row athlete 2 completes 12 kettlebell swings.  When athlete 2 finishes the kettlebell swings athlete 1 completes 9 burpees over the rower.  When athlete 1 finishes the burpees athlete 2 completes 15/10 cal row.  Athletes will continue this rotation for the 12 minutes.  Total reps is your score.

Event 2 – Maximus
15 minutes to establish a 1 rep max shoulder to overhead out of the rack and 1 rep max dead lift .  2 bars per team. Athletes will pick which lift they want to perform.  The combined load for both lifts will be your score.

Event 3 – Belted Knight
400 Meter Run
4 Rounds of “The Chief”
400 Meter Run
4 Rounds of “The Chief”
400 Meter Run
4 Rounds “The Chief”

*Runs broken into 100m sprints around the parking lot – divided equally
*Athletes complete a round of The Chief then rotate.

The Chief RX is:
3 power cleans (115,80)
6 push-ups
9 air squats

The Chief scaled is:
3 power cleans (75,50)
6 push-ups or 12 shoulder taps (whichever movement you choose you stay with for the entire workout)
9 air squats

Event 4 – Swashbuckler
GPP  released day of!