This will be the fourth time CFS has participated in this Nutrition/Lifestyle challenge.  Our members have had great success with this challenge in the past.  This Challenge runs from January 20th – March 2nd.  For those of you that have done this in the past you will notice that this challenge is shorter than the previous ones.

Click here for a Player Quick Start Guide.

Click here to register for the Whole Life Challenge.  After you register you will see an orange box on your profile page that says join or create a team.  Click on that and search CrossFit Synergistics and join our team!  The challenge is $29 for returning players (Make sure you click on the box that says you already have an account when registering) or $39 for new players. This is the early registration rate which ends January 3rd.  On January 4th the rate is $49.

You get to select your nutrition level. The Performance level is the strictest level, the Lifestyle level is a good choice if you are looking for a long-term lifestyle nutrition program, the Kick Start level is for people who are just getting started and want to make just a few important changes to their diet.

Click here for more information on how this works before you sign up.

During the week of January 15th you will have the opportunity to participate in the pre-challenge workout at CFS which is going to be 3 miles on the bike.  You will also document your current weight.  These two components will be part of the end of challenge scoring.  (In the past we have used body measurements but this time around we have chosen to use weight.) These are recorded in your profile and can be kept completely private if you choose.  At the end of the challenge we will do the same workout again and you can recheck your weight to see your progress.

Many CFS members have participated in this challenge.  Ask around if you want to get some personal feedback!

If you have any questions please email us!
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