3 Rounds
20 sec Squats
20 sec Knees to elbows
20 sec Burpees

WOD prep
Knees out: Athletes stand with outside edge of toes of one foot in contact with an upright post and the other to a PVC pipe. Push knees out toward posts throughout the squatting motion.

With a partner, AMRAP 10
Partner A: 10 Front Squats
Partner B: 5 Sit ups
Switch places and repeat, then
Partner A: 10 Lunge steps
Partner B: 10 Lateral hurdle hops
Switch places and repeat

Post WOD
GAME: AMRAP 5 Messy Back Yard
Equipment: Bean bags, dodgeballs, volleyball net
Game Description: Get your trash off my yard! Split the gym into 2 halves (best idea is to use the volleyball court to divide the playing area). The 2 halves represent 2 yards. Players on both sides will keep throwing, rolling, or sliding pieces of trash (dodgeballs, beanbags, etc) back and forth. Basically, the idea is that teams are throwing the neighbors trash off their yard. This can go on and on and on. Or end the round and see which yard is a bigger mess! Perhaps a lesson of social and community responsibilities can come up for discussion at some point in this game.

Split the gym into halves.
Create two teams, one on each half.
Add in dodgeballs and bean bags.
On the signal, teams will keep throwing dodgeballs over to the other side, and sliding bean bags to the other side, trying to keep their own yard clean.
Only one piece of equipment can be in hand at a time. Play music in the background if possible.
When the game ends count to see who has the messiest yard!