Musical Med-ball. Played like musical chairs but instead of sitting fully on the med ball you must squat and hold 1″ above the med ball for 10 seconds. When you are eliminated you must rotate between a static hold on a pull-up bar and elbow planks.

WOD prep
Prep the movements

Teams of 2.  1 person completes a full round while the other rests.
With a running clock
Minute 0 to 15
5 pull-ups or ring rows
7 push-ups feet or knees
9 squats
11/7 Cal Bike
Rest Minute 15 to 17
Minute 17
1 mile Sand Bag run together for time. Pass the bag back and forth as needed.
This wod is scored by total rounds plus reps and your time when your team gets back from the run.

Post WOD
Group cool down 200m walk and mobility, coaches choice.