The month of September is strict pull-up month.   300 plus is the challenge for the month..  We will be testing everyone’s max set of strict pull-ups in the first week of September.  You must start from the dead hang lock out and the chin must go over the bar with no kipping.. Once you get your max number it will be recorded on the white board under goals for September.  At the end of the month we will retest to see which athlete made the biggest gains.  If you don’t have a strict pull-up yet you may find the band that allows you to get between 2 and 5 pull-ups and then build off of that number.  You must use the same band at the end of the month for the retest. Bands or no bands it must be a max effort, no gaming or sand bagging:) There will be a prize for the banded winner as well as no banded winner. Males and Females.  You will also record your total number of pull-ups for the month.  You must have a coach witness your pull-ups.  There is no kipping or butterflying allowed.