Coach’s choice

WOD Prep:
Snatch position complex work to a perfect snatch
From top down
Find pocket position
Find below knee positron
Find floor position
Find below knee position
Back to pocket position then power snatch

Practice your dead lift between sets.

Opens 15.1
15 Toes-to-Bars
10 Deadlifts (115,75 )
5  Power snatches (115,75 )

Option 2:
15 Toes-to-Bars
10 Deadlifts (95,65 )
5 Power snatches (95,65 )

Option 3:
15 Knees to 90
10 Deadlifts (75,50 )
5 Power snatches (75,50 )

Post WOD:
Banded overhead distraction 2 minutes per side.

CFS Brief:
Perform a random act of kindness today!
CFS Holiday Party Saturday, December 16th at the SKY BOX 109 in Natick! 6:30pm to Midnight! 319 Speen St.
Fight For Air Climb CFS team fundraiser in Boston set for Saturday, February 3rd at One Boston Place. Details coming soon!