Fun times at the In House Throwdown!

Coach’s choice

WOD Prep:
Prep the movements


Gib·lets- noun /the liver, heart, gizzard, and neck of a chicken or other fowl, usually removed before the bird is cooked, and often used to make gravy, stuffing, or soup.

6 Power Cleans(155,105)
12 Toe 2 Bar
18 Alternating DB Snatches(50,35)

*Every 3:00 Complete 10 Burpee

Option 2
6 Power Cleans(135,95)
12 Toe 2 Bar
18 Alternating DB Snatches(35,25)
*Every 3:00 Complete 10 Burpee

Option 3:
6 Power Clean(95,65)
12 Knees to 90 or ab-mat sit-ups
18 Alternating DB Snatches(30,20)
*Every 3:00 Complete 10 Burpee

Post WOD
Foam roll lats and thoracic spine 5 minutes

CFS Brief:
Save the dates:

Thanksgiving Day, 11/23 we will offer the following schedule:
8:00am – BootCamp (this will be combined with the CrossFit Adult class)
8:00am – Adult CrossFit (childcare will be avaialble for this class)
9:30am – Adult CrossFit

Friday, 11/24 we will offer the following schedule:
7:30am BootCamp
9:00am  – 1:00pm Wodsgiving Open Box
This open box will be structured with 4 WODs.  Athletes can come for the whole time and do as many WODs as they want!  Below are approximate start times.  This could change due to number of athletes and possible multiple heats.  Athletes will warm up on their own. Please arrive early and warm-up properly.  Please sign in upon arrival.  

WOD One 9:15am

WOD Two 10:00am

WOD Three 11:00am

WOD  Four 12:00pm

CFS Holiday Party Saturday, December 16th at the SKY BOX 109 in Natick! 6:30pm to Midnight! 319 Speen St.

Fight For Air Climb CFS team fundraiser in Boston set for Saturday, February 3rd at One Boston Place. Details coming soon!