Junk Yard dog

WOD Prep: 20 minutes
Skill complex from the floor.  This complex is designed to work on strength, speed under the bar and hip and feet positioning. Build to wod weight, heavier if capable.
You should be able to strict press your wod weight 5 times.

1 strict press
1 push press
1 push jerk
1 jerk pop
1 split jerk

5 clean & Jerks(135,95)
5 Front squats(135,95)
5 Burpee over the bar

* Scale to a weight you can perform unbroken for at least 5 rounds.

Post wod
Lax ball glutes.  2 minutes per side. 
1 random act of kindness

CFS Brief:
Perform a random act of kindness today!
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Fight For Air Climb CFS team fundraiser in Boston set for Saturday, February 3rd at One Boston Place. Details coming soon!