Coach’s choice

Pre WOD 
Dead Stop Dead lift

Deadstop Deadlifts
Not only are deadlifts awesome for adding lower and mid-back strength, they’re also a great way to improve overall force production and develop max strength. Adding a deadstop to the mix makes a “no cheating” exercise even more of a challenge as you must treat every rep like its own set because you take the time to readjust and dial in on your technique.

4 x 400 M Sprints
*Rest 90 Seconds between sprints.
*Record each sprint on the white board.
Sprint running is one of the most challenging exercise routines available. It requires running as hard as you can for short periods of time, utilizing all your energy and muscle power for short intense bursts. Fortunately, the benefits are worth the effort. Sprinting is excellent cardiovascular exercise, it increases your anaerobic threshold and it burns a great deal of calories in a short time.

Post WOD
Banded hamstring Stretch 2 minutes per side.