Ken, Malcomb, Sarah, Beth, Alex, John at the Spartan mud fest!


Coach’s choice

WOD prep

Handstand Pushup and rope climb practice.

WOD Mainsite 7/31/17
4 rounds for time of:
500-meter row
15 handstand push-ups on parallettes.
1 rope climb “double-up”
*“Double up” is two round trips from seated with only “touch and go” between ascents.

Scaling this WOD
Push the pace on the rower. Find a variation of the handstand push-ups and rope climbs that challenge upper-body gymnastics strength. If you can complete 10 unbroken parallette handstand push ups, start the workout as-prescribed. If at any point you cannot do 2 unbroken reps on parallettes, finish the workout with regular handstand push-ups.

Option 2:
4 rounds for time of:
500-meter row
15 handstand push-ups
1 rope climb, 15-ft. rope(Legless if capable)

Start each rope climb from a seated position.

Do as many handstand push-ups as possible in 2 sets. If you do not finish 15 reps, complete the round using push-ups. If you can complete 1 legless rope climb during your warm-up, challenge yourself with the rope-climb double-ups.

Option 3:
3 rounds for time of:
500-meter row
15 Box or pike handstand push-ups.
3 Rope pulls

Select a hand and foot position for the box or pike push-ups that allows them to be completed in 3 sets or less. Placing the hands closer to the box or feet will make the movement more difficult. Use the legs as much as necessary during the rope pulls. Rest as little as possible on the floor between reps.

Post WOD
Roll Out for 4 Mins